The Rocky Mountain Medical Technologies Conference operates to provide a forum where professionals, companies, physicians, and students may network and promote the field of biomedical engineering, both in industry and academia. For the inaugural event, I was named Digital Media Director and was responsible for the development and execution of all digital strategy. Leading up to the event, I worked closely with conference executive staff and led the design and development process. I oversaw the production of a comprehensive branding package, and developed a fully responsive website from the ground up.


As one of the main objectives of the project was to provide conference participants with a clear and engaging overview of event information, I designed a visually appealing infographic that conveys the core message and purpose of the conference.

A Responsive Design

With a full schedule of events taking place at different locations across the University of Colorado campus, we knew that conference participants would be accessing the site from all sorts of mobile devices. To accommodate for this, I used media queries and responsive design practices to serve users with a seamless experience across all devices. Touch screen users can tap on content areas to access expanded details, and swipe to scroll through each of the site's slideshows.