Incorporated in 1988, PEI is a technology consultancy that specializes in advanced engineering solutions. With over 25 years of experience, PEI has partnered with industry-leading companies to deliver over 6,000 projects.

When I was approached by PEI they informed me that their existing website was outdated and lacking many of the marketing features that they desired. With dozens of pages and hundreds of blog posts, PEI’s content had become a chore to both manage and access, and increasing usability for both customers and site administrators was a high priority for the project. PEI provided the site’s design, and I embedded with their marketing staff to develop a custom WordPress theme that delivers all of the functionality needed to meet their goals and provide a sustainable future.


PEI's blog design called for an unorthodox layout, different from that of the custom single column flow. The first post would span the full width of the page, and 4 previous posts would then be broken into 2 columns. To accomplish this I created a custom loop that uses a counter to place each post into its appropriate position. An issue presented itself, where although we were using an excerpt with a defined value, height remained variable due to different word length. To accommodate for this and ensure a consistent layout, I used a jQuery plugin to select the post with the largest height, and then set that height to each post for a standardized design.


The central usability challenge for this project was to display all of PEI's available pages in a clearly readable and attractive way while not overwhelming any visitors. After extensive research into potential user flows, we created a carefully designed menu system with the main objective of providing visitors with a plethora of rich and relevant information that surrounds each of PEI's core solutions and services.