Located in Boulder, Colorado, Cloud nine Float Center offers a selection of specially designed float tanks that aim to provide clients with feelings of profound relaxation. Patrons are provided with the unique experience of sensory deprivation, and near weightlessness as they relax in an enclosed pool of warm saltwater.

Looking to better present their business and update their legacy content management system, I was approached by Cloud nine Float Center for a full rebuild of their website. Float Center management wanted to improve their web experience for current, and prospective members, as well as hold more control over their content. With ambitions of furthering their reach with a blogging platform, WordPress was chosen for the content management system and I created a fully responsive custom theme that serves visitors with a visually engaging presentation of the Float Center.


A major priority was defined as providing site visitors with a clear and easy way to reach the Float Center and schedule appointments. To accomplish this, prominent calls to action were carefully placed throughout the site.